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Welcome to The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis

At The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, our training courses set the standard of excellence in Australia and internationally.

Our commitment to comprehensive, high-quality training delivered in easy, step by step processes, along with unparalleled resources and follow-up support, ensures that our graduates are equipped for a successful and fulfilling career.

At the Academy, you’re not just a student, you are embraced by a vibrant community of caring professionals who are experts in their field.

Whether you are new to the field or come from a background in Counselling, Psychology, Meditation, or Life Coaching, with our training, resources, guidance, and support, you can quickly and easily build your own thriving practice.

By sharing our expertise, we make you the expert.

We strive to be the best in everything we do, unequalled by any other hypnotherapy service in the world.

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Our Vision & Purpose

To be the premier source of hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy training in the world.

To provide world class training that exceeds all expectations and share the power of hypnosis with our clients and our students in a skilful, supportive, professional manner.

To help others to accelerate positive life changes at a personal and professional level.

We are a highly experienced team of caring and dedicated professionals who pledge to always deliver on our promises.  We work together in a spirit of harmony, integrity, and efficiency to ensure that every person we train is delighted with our ability to propel them forward on their personal journey toward success in every area of their life i.e. personally, professionally and financially.


We make it easy for you

At The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, we’ve done all the hard work to make it easy for you.

Why Choose Us

Not all training is the same.

To gain the highly specialised knowledge required to make a real difference to people’s lives, your own life, and build a thriving career, it is imperative to choose the right training course.

At The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, we are a highly experienced team dedicated to putting you on track to a successful, rewarding career in hypnotherapy.  Not only do we provide you with the skills to use the most highly effective hypnotherapy processes with your clients, but we also provide you with the abilities and materials you need to set up your hypnotherapy practice immediately following your training. You are equipped with advanced hypnotherapy techniques, processes and scripts designed for an enormous range of circumstances and issues. There is also unlimited ongoing support from teachers (who are experts in their field) as well as our community of skilled, caring hypnotherapists. We have created a community where we all learn from each other so there is a constant and ongoing expansion of everyone’s knowledge and expertise.

The great versatility of our training allows you to work confidently and competently with a diverse clientele and a wide range of issues.

We also help you master not only the theory and the practical application of hypnotherapy, but the business aspect of things too.

Our training is delivered in small groups, which allows for a more personal focus on each student.

Success Story

AOTH Graduate – Now Teacher


See what our students are saying

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to do my Fast Track Training in Hypnotherapy with the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis with Leonie and Juanita. I am now a bit over half way through doing my Diploma with Leonie and I am loving it. Leonie has a soft, kind, caring, open, flexible and nurturing way of teaching and the content she teaches us is the best of the best. The more I learn with this Academy the more confident I feel allowing me to serve my clients at even more higher level. The programs and scripts are absolutely amazing which I have found clients get really positive outcomes quickly. If you are thinking about which Hypnotherapy course to take I highly recommend you chose the Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis. The continual ongoing support is phenomenal and a community in it's self. All you need to do is day yes! And like Leonie says 'Keep smiling and making the world a better place', and this is exactly the power behind hypnotherapy.
Thanks so much Leonie and Juanita so grateful.

Heidi March Camilleri

Leonie is a rare gem that I have been blessed to have in my life as a mentor for a few years now. I did the Fast Track course initially which totally inspired me and gave me all the tools I needed to start this work, that I have a calling for. I'm currently studying the Diploma course with Leonie and her team and can highly recommend her to anyone looking for a mentor that they can trust and is there for you when you need her. It's obvious that she is driven to help as many people as she can by sharing her passion, wisdom and easy processes to follow, so that we can confidently help others to heal and grow too.

Brenda Faugere

I am one of the lucky people who did my hypnotherapy course with Leonie. I have done many studies in my life in The Netherlands, Germany and Australia and Leonie's Hypnotherapy course is by far the best I've ever attended! This course has changed my life in so many ways! Leonie and her course helped me to successfully start a Hypnotherapy business from scratch without any experience.

I was completely confident to start working with clients straight after the course as all the material and tools were provided to set us up for success. Leonie's extensive knowledge and expertise shines through in the way she guides us and the passion in her material and her amazing scripts. I am so super grateful that I've found this amazing lady and highly recommend her course to anyone who is looking to become a skilled hypnotherapist, instead of someone who has a certificate in hypnosis.

VibeRaising Hypnotherapy

I recently did my hypnotherapy certification with Leonie. It is a 4 day course packed with so much information and many effective techniques. She gave me all the tools to set up a business and get me in front of clients who need help with many issues they want to resolve, which include quitting smoking a losing weight. The course was well organised and Leonie did a great job of delivering the material in an easy to understand and relaxed way. Leonie's extensive knowledge and expertise shone through during the course and I have come away with a definite direction of how I want to help my clients. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn hypnotherapy and wants to start a business.

Gina Mitchell

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