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What to Do When What You Did Didn’t Work: The Therapist’s Guide to Overcoming Resistance and Achieving Great Results with Challenging Clients

Why is it that more than 40% of people who see a therapist report little or no change, or report feeling worse? This book reveals the difference between ineffective therapy or coaching programs and a truly dynamic one. The steps to transform a good therapist or coach into an exceptional one, ensuring that what you do works every time.

Learn 'out of the box' thinking with real-life case studies

Discover what makes achieving success with a subconsciously resistant client easy

Uncover effective pattern interrupt strategies to jolt your client off a disruptive path

Ground-breaking research that improves the effectiveness of any therapy

Insider secrets to getting your clients, and you (the therapist) unstuck and on the road to success

Packed with great strategies and case studies. The authors provide helpful free resources to download that will help you gain more confidence and work more effectively with challenging or resistant cases.


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Healers delight - must read

This book serves as my go too when I find obstacles in my practice- it’s so well set out and such a great book for Hypnotherapy and NLP work - simple and easy to navigate- a must have.


Amazon – reviewed in Australia on 25 February 2022

Good solid ideas

I liked the author's case study approach. As a therapist, it helps to see how strategies can be applied. I liked that other experts were included too. Good variety of ideas. Helpful.

Maggie Wilde

Amazon – reviewed in Australia on 22 July 2021

I have been a counselor and Psychotherapist for 15 years and since working with the strategies and techniques taught by Leonie, my business has expanded significantly and the results I have been achieving with my clients have been above and beyond my highest expectations. Re-programming the subconscious mind is a very powerful tool that short-circuits months of counseling. I love watching my clients overcoming hurdles that they were previously unable to overcome. As a practitioner, I am truly enjoying seeing my clients blossom and live full lives again.

Sandra Bradford

Counselor and Psychotherapist

Margaret River

Western Australia

I am an Australian-trained Hypnotherapist specializing in pain relief, PTSD, anxiety, and stress. I would highly recommend training with Leonie at The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis. Her approach is very friendly, supportive, and 'hands on' which was incredibly advantageous as far as confidence building. Working with Leonie is a must for anyone wanting to take their skills to the next level.

Paul Holcroft

Certified Hypnotherapist

Port Macquarie. NSW.


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