Job Satisfaction

What Keeps People Stuck in Jobs They Dislike.


Some people love their profession, enjoy their work and are happy with their chosen career path. Others find their work overly demanding, unfulfilling, and stressful.
Why is it that many people stay stuck in jobs they don’t like doing work they find stressful and unfulfilling – and yet they aren’t able to move on.
Limiting beliefs are deep-seated perceptions that people hold about themselves, their capabilities, and their potential, which often hinder personal and professional growth.
Here are some common limiting beliefs that might keep people stuck in unsatisfying careers – and the solutions that may help them realise that these beliefs are simply perceptions. Understanding the nature of one’s own perceptions can offer insights into what they are experiencing and how to move beyond their own perceived limitations.

Problem – Fear of Failure

Many people stay in unsatisfying jobs because they fear the consequences of failing in a new role or industry. This fear can paralyse decision-making and deter a person from taking risks or pursuing opportunities that could lead to more fulfilling careers.


Solution – Change your ‘What If’s’

What if you changed your ‘What if I fail’ to ‘What if I succeed’, ‘What if I could be one of those people that makes a great income in a career I love’, What if making a change was the best decision I ever made’, ‘What if creating change is easier than I think’.?


Problem – Imposter Syndrome

This is the belief that one is not worthy of success or is only succeeding due to luck and not because of their abilities. It can prevent someone from seeking promotions or career changes because they feel they aren’t truly qualified or deserving.


Solution – Build your Confidence and Self Worth

Most people with Imposter Syndrome are very capable people worthy of success. If your work environment makes you feel like an imposter, it may be that you belong in a different type of career. It may also mean that you would benefit from a good dose of personal development to help build confidence and recognise your own personal qualities and professional abilities.


Problem – Comfort Zone

This is the belief that one is not worthy of success or is only succeeding due to luck and not because of their abilities. It can prevent someone from seeking promotions or career changes because they feel they aren’t truly qualified or deserving.


Solution – Examine Your So-called Comfort Zone

Often, when someone really examines their ‘comfort zone’ they discover that it’s not comfortable at all – it’s just familiar. And in addition to that, it’s somewhere they don’t want to be. Ony when someone steps out of their uncomfortable comfort zone can they see the world of opportunities that lie beyond.



Problem – Financial Insecurity

The belief that a career change will lead to financial ruin is a significant barrier. Many fear that changing careers could lead to a period of unemployment or a decrease in salary, which deters them from leaving an unsatisfactory but stable job.


Solution – Change your mindset

There are many ways to change career paths whilst maintaining financial security. Move away from a poverty mindset and develop a mindset that creates abundance. If you are uncomfortable with sudden and definite change, you can choose a path where you can make a gradual transition – building up a business on a part time basis while transitioning out of your current job over a planned period of time.


Problem – Lack of Self-Worth

Some might believe that they don’t deserve a more fulfilling or enjoyable job. This belief can stem from low self-esteem and can be particularly paralysing, keeping someone stuck in a stressful position where they are unhappy and unfilled.


Solution – Recognise Your Own Self Worth

Many of our adult decisions are based on beliefs that were programmed into our mind at a very young age. You may benefit from some inner child work. Recognise that that you are as good as anyone and deserve as much success and happiness as anyone. The decisions you have made in the past have brought you to this point in your life. The decisions you make from here on will determine where you end up in the future.


Problem – Age Related Limitations

People often believe that they are too old to start a new career or learn new skills. This belief limits their professional possibilities and keeps them stuck in the same role for many years, even if it is no longer satisfying.


Solution – Decide what you want from life.

Engaging in educational opportunities such as workshops, online courses, or even formal degrees can refresh one’s skill set and boost confidence. There are many opportunities available. Maintaining a positive mindset and being persistent are key to overcoming hurdles and successfully pivoting to a new career at any age.



Problem – Lack of Qualifications

If someone believes that they don’t have the right skills or qualifications, it can stop them from applying for different jobs or entering new fields. Even the idea of going back to school or getting additional training can seem daunting due to this mindset.


Solution – Search for Opportunities

Start by exploring short-term educational programs that offer certifications and are designed to build specific skills efficiently. Life experience in itself often equips a person with a unique and valuable skill set that serves as a great foundation on which to start afresh. It’s also helpful to look for opportunities that allow you to transition into a new career with good support networks and a strong mentoring program.


Problem – Responsibility and Obligation

Some feel that their responsibilities to family or others make it impossible to change careers. They might believe they cannot take any risks with their stable income, even if it means continuing in a job that makes them unhappy.


Solution – Start with a strategic transition plan

A career change while managing family responsibilities and financial stability requires planning. One effective approach is to start with a transitional plan that includes exploring part-time opportunities in your new chosen field so you can allow for a gradual transition, enabling you to build experience, confidence, and additional income while maintaining your current job.


Don’t Be Afraid of a Career Change

In this day and age, it’s not unusual for people to change their career several times over the duration of their working life. Gone are the days when it is standard to stay in the same job for 50 years, be presented with a gold watch and then move into retirement. These days, many people successfully transition to career paths that are vastly different from the ones they started out doing.

The important thing to remember is that life is here to be lived – not to stay stuck where you don’t want to be. Over the course of our lifetime, we spend a vast number of hours working – approximately 95000 hours. Your career should be rewarding to you and contribute to your personal and professional growth. It takes up a huge chunk of your life.

We all have different views on what makes a career fulfilling, but most people agree that being in a profession where we are helping others is highly gratifying. Doing work where you can make a difference in someone else’s life whilst working in a profession that is rewarding in every way – personally, professionally and financially – is a win / win situation for everyone involved.

Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching, and Life Coaching are all considered to be rewarding and beneficial career changes.

Hypnotherapy, however, stands out as one of the fastest growing therapy choices in the modern world.

As more and more people are drawn to natural healing modalities, and new and exciting ways of learning and using

Hypnotherapy continue to emerge, it is becoming a very sought after profession. With the right training, mentoring and support, Hypnotherapy is a career option that is easy to transition into, focusses on helping others, and is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.

If you have great communication skills, compassion, and a desire to help others in the most transformational ways, all that’s left is the right training. Learning therapeutic hypnosis teaches you powerful therapy techniques and provides you with the opportunity to become a successful hypnotherapist and start your own clinical practice.

The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis offers a unique and dynamic career focussed pathway that assists people to move into a new, exciting career very quickly – or transition gradually at their own pace and level of comfort.

Set your expectations high and achieve great things.



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